Horizon Global Corp (NYSE:HZN) Files An 8-K

Horizon Global Corp (NYSE:HZN) entered into the Waiver and First Amendment to Amended and Restated Loan Agreement (the “Amendment”) with Bank of America, N.A. (“BofA”), as administrative agent, and the other institutions named on the signature pages thereto, to amend the Amended and Restated Loan Agreement, dated as of December 22, 2015 (the “Loan Agreement”), by and among the Company, Cequent Performance Products, Inc., Cequent Consumer Products, Inc., Cequent UK Limited, Cequent Towing Products of Canada Ltd., each as a borrower, the other parties thereto, BofA, as administrative agent, and the other lenders that are parties thereto. The Amendment, among other things, (i) amended the Loan Agreement to (a) provide for an incremental revolving facility in an aggregate principal amount of $25,000,000 and (b) modify the calculation of Consolidated EBITDA (as defined in the Loan Agreement) to include certain adjustments related to certain acquisitions and (ii) waived the requirement of joining certain subsidiaries acquired pursuant to the Share Purchase Agreement (as defined below) to certain Loan Documents (as defined in the Loan Agreement) as otherwise required by the Loan Agreement.

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Certain lenders and agents that are parties to the Amendment have in the past performed, and may in the future from time to time perform, investment banking, financial advisory, lending or commercial banking services for the Company and its subsidiaries and affiliates, for which they have received, and may in the future receive, customary compensation and reimbursement of expenses.

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