Helix TCS Installs Cannabis Traceability Software in North Dakota

Credit: BioTrackTHC

Colorado-based Helix TCS (OTCQB: HLIX) has announced that it has installed a medical cannabis traceability system in North Dakota.

Tracing Medical Cannabis

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BioTrackTHC, a Helix TCS cannabis seed-to-sale tracking and point-of-sale subsidiary, worked to set up the medical cannabis traceability system for the North Dakota’s state government.

The system is designed to track and trace the state’s entire medical cannabis supply chain for compliance and regulatory oversight.

North Dakota legalized cannabis for medical purposes in 2016. But, cannabis remains illegal for recreational purposes in the state. In November 2018, the state’s voters rejected a marijuana legalization ballot measure.

BioTrackTHC Cannabis Traceability

BioTrackTHC currently holds nine government cannabis traceability contracts across seven states, the city of Arcata, Calif., and Puerto Rico.

Cannabis traceability systems help legal cannabis programs to reach a fully operational status because without them, businesses and consumers are unable to guarantee product safety and quality.

“As legal cannabis programs take shape, implementing sound and proven cannabis tracking technology, on time and on budget, with the required functionality and security, is essential to ensuring patient safety and allowing the industry to operate effectively,” Helix TCS Executive Chairman and CEO Zachary Venegas said in a statement.

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