Heliospectra Launches Customizable MITRA Series

Heliospectra (OTCMKTS:HLSPY) has announced the launch of a new MITRA series which is the horticulture market’s first modular LED lighting solution.

New MITRA customizable to grower needs

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The new streamlined MITRA is designed to allow high-intensity light output with up to 2.7 µmol/J of electrical efficacy. The new design is meant for high light crops such as vine and cannabis plants and it can be customized to fit any growing environment. The modular design of the MITRA permits growers to integrate it into the greenhouse, vertical and indoor installations. Growers will have the opportunity to develop various variants that are customized according to their needs.

The launch will introduce the linear and square configurations each with its own specifications. The linear configuration is compatible with unistrut facilities and it has been designed to reduce shading in greenhouses. On the other hand, the square configuration is designed for vertical installations and it is shaped to offer even light distribution on the growing bed. The target of MITRA is both cannabis and vertical food markets.

MITRA can be integrated into Vertical farms and greenhouses

Karin Dankis, the Heliospectra Product Management, and Engineering Director stated that MITRA is a revolutionary design that gives growers unlimited installation possibilities as well as the capability to customize their facilities according to their needs be it in vertical farming installations or greenhouses. He added that when they were creating the MITRA the company worked with cannabis growers as well as those of vine crops and leafy greens.

Dankis said that the new MITRA is integrated with helioCORE to offer a flexible and advanced state of the art control that allows growers to configure light intensity and deliver automated schedules to various crops such as microgreens, herbs, tomatoes, and medicinals.

The MITRA lighting innovation is part of Heliospectra’s growing portfolio of SIERA light bars, ELIXIA controllable lighting, helioCARE technical services, and helioCORE lighting control systems to help in delivering superior crop yields for food producers and cannabis growers.

By the end of Q3, the company has indicated that the MITRA will be available commercially.

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