Heliospectra heliCORE Platform Leverages AI In Greenhouse Cultivation

Shares of Heliospectra AB (OTCMKTS:HLSPY) received a boost after the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers recognized the company’s new innovative LED grow light control system heliCORE. The society has since awarded the company an award for Outstanding Innovations in Product and System Technology.

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HeliCORE Platform

The heliCORE platform is a light control system designed to show how processing of big data and monitoring can help accelerate artificial intelligence application in the agricultural sector. The platform combines hardware, software, and sensors to automate the greenhouse cultivation environment.

The heliCORE light control system also comes with three control modules for real-time monitoring across the plant growth cycle. The system also comes with a dynamic light response as well as light zones, remote monitoring and alert notifications designed to deliver precise quality and intensity of light into greenhouses.

In addition, the LED grow light control system allows pre-set schedules and light spectra strategies across the growth cycle. The system is also designed to maintain consistent Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density all in the effort of maximizing plant photosynthetic efficiency. The system also supports optimal plant growth by prioritizing lamp use at optimal hours.

HeliCORE Synergies

With the help of the platform, farmers can now leverage the power of real-time data to make informed decisions depending on their lighting and cultivation environments.

“Proven by our customers, heliCORE is the first and only light control system that enables businesses to improve crop quality while standardizing production and increasing year-round yields with predictable, repeatable results,” said Ali Hamadan, CEO, and Heliospectra AB.

The new light control system should be of great help in value generation, given its potential use in Cannabis greenhouse cultivation operations. Most cannabis, cultivation operation takes place indoors, where light control is of great importance for maximum yield. Late last year, Heliospectra AB unveiled a new state of the art medicinal cannabis facility in Macedonia, where it plans first to use the new solution.

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