Hearst Doubling Down On Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP) Discover For Its Publications

Hearst Doubling Down On Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP) Discover For Its Publications

The stock of Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP) closed at $16.55 gaining 3.57% in yesterday’s trading session. Hearst has at the moment taken to ramping up its Snapchat output and a lot of people will be watching to see how it progresses. Discover is Snapchat’s content hub and a significant number of the media partners around the world have been taking advantage of it to program digital magazines with a wide array of articles, videos and quizzes.

The four Discover channels used to be updated on a weekly basis. At the moment, fresh content is availed twice a week and it is clear much progress is going on in this particular front. The past six months have witnessed all of the four brands each unveiled on the platform. The other thing is that each has got its own dedicated Snapchat Discover teams.

The VP of audience at Hearst Magazines Digital, Brian Madden, opined, “We saw that the channels all exceeded our expectations from an audience and engagement perspective right out of the gate. We had more people reading the stories and spending more time with the stories than we had expected.”

Every week, each of the brands averaged at 2 million unique visitors per edition and Hearst believes that it is not a bad place to be. According to reports, a section of the audience was taking about 10 minutes in every edition. More than half of this particular audience comprised of persons aged between 13 and 24.

It is crucial that Hearst increases the amount of content it churns out for its publications. The media company will be dedicating its efforts towards helping improve   its overall engagement and interaction with its existing audience. Above all, it will be seeking to drive more loyalty from casual visitors by serving all of them with a wide range of content.

Hearst is aiming to boost its revenue further. That will be possible if it will focus on monetizing a larger and recurring audience and the two editions each week could further that goal.