Health Canada Approves Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT) Absorb Heart Stent

Health Canada Approves Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT) Absorb Heart Stent

Health Canada has approved the Absorb bioresorbable heart stent of Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT), the latter officially revealed on Thursday. Absorb is the first ever commercial bioresorbable heart that treats coronary artery disease patients.

Coronary artery disease has been a main cause of death in Canada, affecting more than a million people a year. Being the most common form of heart disease, coronary artery disease is also significantly one of the main causes of death across the world. This revolutionary medical advancement, the first of its kind, marks a significant milestone in finding ideal treatments for the disease.

Abbott Laboratories Absorb

Usually, heart stents are made of metal. They are used to keep clogged arteries open as a form of treatment. However, Abbott Laboratories has designed Absorb out of a material that dissolves naturally. As a result, it completely disappears in three years. As permanent implants, metal heart stents can be risky and put one’s life in danger due to clotting issues.

According to Philippe L’Allier, M.D., Director of Interventional Cardiology at Montreal Heart Institute, Absorb is an ideal medical advancement because its nature allows patients to receive the necessary treatment options in the future— unlike a metal heart stent that comes with a variety of limitations for further treatments.

Following the approval, Abbott Laboratories expects Absorb to reach hospitals throughout Canada beginning this summer.

US Approval

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had approved Absorb earlier this month as well. Like in Canada, coronary heart disease is also a primary cause of death in the US, affecting about 15 million individuals.

Gregg Stone, M.D., FACC, FSCAI, Absorb clinical trial program chairman, noted that as the heart stent is dissolved completely, a patient’s body can function normally well without having to worry about an implant hampering his or her activities.

Deepak Nath, Ph.D., Abbott Laboratories Vascular Senior Vice President (SVP), also reiterated that Absorb represents the company’s commitment to making people’s lives better.

Absorb is expected to arrive first in interventional cardiology centers throughout the US, particularly those who took part in the Absorb clinical trial program. Shortly after, it will reach all hospitals in the country.