Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce Elects President

The Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce (GACC), a trade organization representing over a billion dollars of global cannabis market share, has elected Rezwan Khan as president. 

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Khan is the vice president of global corporate development for DNA Genetics and co-founder of cannabis marketing firm seedleSs. 

The GACC provides policymakers and legislators with the guidance necessary to take the nascent cannabis industry from the grey market into a global provider of medical and adult-use cannabis products. 

The organization says Khan is one of the most widely-respected voices within the world-wide cannabis community with decades of hands-on experience in the issues facing international and emerging cannabis marketplaces. He is a leading expert on national and international comparative cannabis law and regulatory compliance. 

“While we all recognize the value cannabis brings medicinally, economically, and otherwise, cannabis still faces enormous legal and regulatory hurdles in the United States and around the world. Cannabis business leaders have overcome incredible turmoil to build a vibrant industry during the misguided 80-plus-years of cannabis prohibition; it is important that we continue to guide the conversation through the final stretch to ensure the future of legal cannabis works for everyone,” Khan said in prepared remarks. 

The GACC recently released “ground-breaking” model cannabis legislation, which would legalize cannabis in the U.S. with a comprehensive regulatory framework for safe access, justice reform, and respect for state laws. 

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