Geyser Brands Unveils New Self-Care Hemp Brand

Geyser Brands
Courtesy of Geyser Brands

Geyser Brands (TSX-V: GYSR) has launched a new self-care premium brand which uses hemp.

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Dubbed SToND Naturals, the new brand includes body lotions, massage oils, body scrubs, mud masks, lip balms, headache roll-ons, joint creams, pain gels, solid face serums, and anti-wrinkle serums.

“The SToND products come in sustainable packaging with the belief that we need to take care of ourselves as well as our environment”, stated Brad Kersch, chairman of Geyser Brands.

With its licensed production facility, Geyser plans to extend the brand into the regulated cannabis space with the substitution of CBD for seed oil in the same formulations.

Meanwhile, Geyser is working to launch its online store.

“We are in the final stages of opening up our e-commerce platform for online sales as well as several third-parties to get these products on shelves”, Kersch noted.

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