GALA GLOBAL INC. (OTCMKTS:GLAG) Files An 8-K Completion of Acquisition or Disposition of Assets

GALA GLOBAL INC. (OTCMKTS:GLAG) Files An 8-K Completion of Acquisition or Disposition of Assets

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Item 2.01

Acquisition or Disposition of Assets

(a) Cryo Health USA, LLC (db/a
Chill-N-Out Cryotherapy)

On February 12, 2017, Gala Global Inc. executed a Definitive
Agreement whereby Gala Global Inc., will acquire 51% of the
outstanding Stock of Cryo Health USA, LLC (db/a Chill-N-Out
Cryotherapy), a Delaware Limited Liability Corporation. The terms
of the acquisition includes a payment of Gala Global Inc. Series
B Preferred shares. The valuation of the transaction is currently
being determined.

Chill-N-Out is one of the premier Cryotherapy Studio companies in
Southern California. They have personally funded the start-up of
the initial two San Diego Chill-N-out studios and is developing
and implementing the Chill-N-Out Franchising Model.

Chill-N-Out Cryotherapy is a new growing area of alternative
health care field, cryotherapy. The cryogenic approach to health
care is holistic, stressing the patient’s overall health and
wellness. It recognizes that many factors affect health,
including exercise, diet, rest, environment, and heredity. A
three minute Cryotherapy session is said to provide, through
third-party research, a natural, drugless, nonsurgical treatment,
and relies on the body’s inherent restorative abilities. The
treatment is said to appeal, to a vast number of concerns, from
general health and fitness, to anti-aging and sports therapy.

(b) Controlled Environment Genomics

On February 14, 2017, Gala Global Inc. executed a Definitive
Agreement whereby Gala Global Inc., will acquire 80% of the to be
incorporated Controlled Environment Genomics Inc.s issued and
outstanding common stock in exchange for shares of GLAG preferred
Series B Stock with a thirty one percent (31%) buy pack with a
spin out in three years from the date of original contract. The
valuation of the transaction is currently being determined.

Controlled Environment Genomics Inc. is a developing start-up in
the field of high volume genome sequencing, mapping, cloning, and
conversion of genetic information into digital code, that can be
transmitted wirelessly, then synthetically reproduced cultured
into a living specimen. Their approach will enable remote
digitally automated rapid assembly of multiple DNA fragments
constructed into synthetically produced molecules that are
cultured to maturity within an advanced controlled environment
incubation technology. The applications would be used to
synthetically produce any living and/or non-living, chemicals,
molecules, and organisms, such as DNA, RNA, bacteria, viruses,
medical therapeutics such as infectious disease vaccines,
antibodies or antivirals, and compounds like monomers, polymers,
or rheology modifiers. The outcome of their technology is to
produce high value, volume, and quality organisms and/or

Item 5.02. Departure of Directors or Principal Officer; Election
of Directors; Appointment of Principal Officers

On February 10, 2017, Ms. Romina Martinez was appointed as a
member of the Companys Board of Directors.

Her biography is set forth below:

Romina Martinez, for the past year has been Vice
President of Hssy Inc., an international business finance and
operations consulting firm based out of San Diego, CA. She has a
well-rounded commercial outlook to solving legal issues
practically and is an expert at advising on new areas of law or
changes to the law. Prior to Hssy Inc., Romina Martinez worked in
the legal field for more than five years having been with several
San Diego firms from 2011 up to 2016. For the last several years,
Romina Martinez has established work with the legal medicinal and
recreational cannabis and Industrial Hemp markets. She is
experienced in regards to many levels of the courts including
family law, relevant regulations and depositions, to federal
district Court matters. She is well versed in a number of
commercial practice areas including corporate finance, public
company markets, real estate, translations, licensing and
contracts, research and development, and has helped formulate
numerous companies as well as handling the social media marketing
platforms for their businesses. Romina is a bilingual speaker who
is proficient in both fluent Spanish and English.

On February 10, 2017, Mr. Timothy Madden was appointed to take
over the potion of Chief Executive Officer of Gala Global, Inc.

His biography is set forth below:

Timothy J. Madden CEO Gala Global Inc.

Mr. Madden, is currently serving as CEO of Gala Global Inc. Since
2009 Mr. Madden has been the founder and President of Biodynamics
LLC, and additionally since 2007 Mr. Madden has been the founder
and manager of On Point Hydroponics LLC. Mr. Maddens unique mix
of education, experience and ideals have positioned him as a
leader in the controlled environment agriculture industry. His
extensive knowledge of integrated renewable energy and organic
controlled environment agriculture technologies, provides the
Company with a significant competitive advantage in the industry.
Mr. Maddens education and experience includes a degree in
computer electronics from Fortis College. While attending a
Waldorf School in his youth, Tim studied the work of Dr. Rudolf
Steiner, a scientist, philosopher and inventor of commercial
scale organic agriculture. Steiner published his work in 1924 to
combat the rapid worldwide decline in crop nutritional value and
fertility occurring due to the overuse of pesticide, and
monoculture practices of the twentieth century. The science of
controlled environment agriculture is founded on the need for
crop production to be a closed loop agricultural system,
self-contained and self-sustaining, creating and maintaining
life, free of external contaminants, and the production of
pollution. Tim has worked to make Dr. Steiners vision a reality
through entrepreneurship and the invention and development of
proprietary controlled environment agricultural technologies
powered by integrated renewable energy systems.

Item 9.01. Financial Statements, Pro Forma Financial Information
and Exhibits.
(a) The required pro forma financial information is unavailable
as of the date hereof and will be filed by the Registrant to
the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act and the rules
and regulations promulgated there under within 71 days after
the date of the event reported in this Form 8-K.
(b) Exhibit number.
99.1. Definitive Agreement – Cryo Health USA, LLC
99.2. Definitive Agreement – Controlled Environment Genomics Inc.



Gala Global Inc. is involved in the Hemp and Cannabidiol (CBD) industry. The Company is focused on the development, research and commercialization of products derived from the Hemp and Cannabis Plant. The Company focuses on a CBD flavored thin-film strip. The film strip delivery system uses a dissolving film strip that is absorbed in the mouth. The Company is engaged in seeking acquisition candidates in this area of interest in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. The Company also intends to enter into the medical marijuana cultivation industry as approved in the United States and Canada to build legalized cultivation operations. The Company’s services include the development of cannabinoid-based health and wellness products; the development of medical grade compounds, and the licensing of testing, genetics, labeling and packaging, tracking, production and standardization methods for the medicinal herb industry. The Company is also involved in the sale of Vape Mods.

GALA GLOBAL INC. (OTCMKTS:GLAG) Recent Trading Information

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