Fresh Leaks Claim Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Developing iPhone 8 In Israel

It has emerged that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) could be developing some hardware for its next iPhone in Israel. An unnamed employee of Apple leaked the information to Business Insider. The employee further said that the next iPhone will be called the iPhone 8, meaning there may be no iPhone 7S. Only this month Apple launched the iPhone 7, which unlike the iPhone 6S last year, has non audio jack.

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Cutting the influence of Cupertino designers?

Apple has traditionally designed iPhone hardware at its Cupertino headquarters, but mass production of the product is done by contract manufacturers in Asia. It is in Cupertino where Apple’s famed design chief, Jony Ive, is based. With the leaks that Apple could be designing the next iPhone at its Israel office, it is not clear whether Ive will be remaining in Cupertino or moving to Israel. Apple maintains an office in Israel’s Herzliya Pituach region.

If Apple is only developing a portion of the next iPhone’s hardware in Israel, is not clear which parts are being worked on there and which parts the U.S. team is working on.

Major design upgrade

However, the anonymous employee said that the next iPhone will feature a significant design upgrade compared to the current new-kid-on-the-block iPhone 7. For instance, the employee revealed that the future iPhone 8 might come with a much improved back camera.

Though the Apple employee did not discuss it, there are speculations that the iPhone could feature a dramatic shift in screen and charging technology – wireless charging. Perhaps the pressure on Apple to launch the next iPhone with major upgrades can be seen from the fact that the next iPhone will mark 10 years for Apple in the smartphone business.

A disappointing device

The iPhone 7 has largely been criticized for its minimal upgrades compared to the iPhone 6S, though Apple insists that the new iPhone stands out in many ways. Sealing off of the headphone jack in iPhone 7 also disappointed many Apple customers.

Apple stock rose 0.76% in the last session to close at $113.95.

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