Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) Creates New Light Bar For Police SUVs And Night Vision For Its Autonomous Vehicle Testing

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) recently revealed its new front interior light bar which it claims cannot block the field of vision in Patrol cars. The company claims that the new addition will replace the old police lights and that the new ones will make it even more difficult for perpetrators to spot the police vehicles. The new bar will be fitted on the company’s SUV patrol cars.

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The company has also announced that it is working on night vision capability for the autonomous vehicle testing that Ford has been carrying out. Ford claims that accidents are often caused by the lack of visibility especially during harsh weather conditions such as fog, snow, rain or even when it’s too dark.  Sometimes visual impairment is caused by too much alcohol intake, and thus, drivers often end up making deadly mistakes. Either way, visual impairment is a problem that Ford is determined to end.

Ford has been testing its autonomous vehicle technology in Arizona through its Fusion Sedan and the recent test involved testing the technology in total darkness. The firm has been testing both the vehicle as well as the night vision capabilities of its LIDAR sensors which allow the vehicle to navigate when visibility is at its minimum.

The night vision can be used to help drivers navigate through poor visibility through the help of the sensors that improve the driver’s field of view. It can also be used as an important tool for autonomous vehicles because it will enhance the accuracy of the sensors. The technology will focus a lot on night driving because that is when poor visibility affects drivers the most. However, most trips occur during the day. Nonetheless, the technology is also ideal for driving during snowy conditions because it can detect the LIDAR sensors can determine where the edges of the road are.

The company’s engineers used real-time vehicle telemetry and night vision goggles to carry out the tests from their car.

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