Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Efforts Pay Off After Messenger Uplifts Brands

Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Efforts Pay Off After Messenger Uplifts Brands

The stock of Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) closed at $ 168.59 losing 0.42% in yesterday’s trading session. This company has for quite some time directed its efforts and resources towards turning Messenger into a major channel that will transform the way business is done.

Beneficiaries would as a matter of fact be both the businesses as well as the consumers. The company has made a step forward considering that its efforts have now started paying off.

The Chatbots on Messenger sometime back suffered a wonky roll out. However, with the passage of time they are becoming more efficient especially when it comes to offering great help to the various companies. Some of the benefits it has come about with include increased bookings, productivity and sales.

As a matter of fact, Messenger serves as a central tool for businesses-to-consumer (B2C) communications. It has succeeded in providing an easy seamless communications channel to over 65 million active businesses that sought services on its platform. These businesses have seen immense success leveraging Facebook Messenger.

Messenger bot resulted in Sephora witnessing an 11% increase in booking rates. The provider’s dream of increasing the in-store client visits would only be made a reality through providing a simpler way to book makeovers. The Sephora Reservation Assistant bot brought about a whole new transformation. There was indeed the target to boost the in-store sales and the bot played quite a significant role.

Tommy Hilfiger during Fashion Week in NYC realized that 3.5 times more was spent through Messenger than any other channel. It was a moment for the provider to build an experience and it did exactly that. It took advantage of the messenger to assist the different people that arrived make fashion purchases directly from the runway. The experience oversaw the exchange of over 60,000 messages on the platform with an associated 87% return rate.

Facebook has for many years thought about the idea of developing Messenger to become a business communications hub as stated by one of its officials.Sometime back, the provider launched a slew of tools with the aim of developing Messenger with its Messenger 2.0 update.

The update reportedly came with a number of new features. These were the Discover Tab, Smart Replies, Chat Extensions and the M suggestions. The goal was to help the various businesses that subscribed to Facebook’s services gain visibility as well as reach a bigger audience. It goes without saying that these tools will go a long way helping the provider increase its capability as well as grow its business.