Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Showcases Growth Potential In World Market

Facebook Inc

The stock of Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) closed at $173.51 gaining 1.50% in yesterday’s trading session. The current times continue to witness a slowdown in global app downloads. However, Facebook continues to be rather vibrant, recording one of the largest numbers of app downloads.

Recently, a report was unveiled and the company was confirmed to be controlling the top five and seven positions overall. In August, WhatsApp topped the list as one of the most downloaded apps globally standing at 88 million downloads. Facebook’s Messenger recorded 76.64 million downloads.

In July, there was a significant drop in Facebook app downloads. The figure stood at 297.33M and this was despite the company dominating the global arena. Facebook Lite, Facebook’s “diet” apps and Messenger Lite created for a worldwide audience for developing nations where data connectivity has been quite a challenging affair have been hit. The two apps are said to have cracked the top 10.

The company has formulated a strategy that will have it succeed in its goal to connect the whole world to the internet. As one of the most trusted and top providers of internet access, the provider is confident that its future growth will be heavily determined by those areas with less than perfect connectivity.

A top official that has been working with Facebook admitted that their business undertakings were quite costly. Every year, the company was compelled to channel a large chunk of its resources towards expanding its operations to cover the various underserved areas. However, he was delighted that so far the company had succeeded to make major steps forward.

The management board of Facebook has been setting up mechanisms to assist its users to reach their marketing goals from new options for in-stream ad placements to tips on optimizing TV assets for mobile.

A marketing executive working with Facebook stated, “Nailing the basics is crucial to the success of your Q4 campaign on Facebook. We’ve teamed with Facebook product expert Ed Lovelock to give you the lowdown on two of Facebook’s most useful marketing tools: the Pixel and SDK.”

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