Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Makes Major Progress Towards The Expansion Of Crisis Response Efforts

The stock of Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) closed at $170.96 losing 1.21% in yesterday’s trading session. All users of this provider’s social network are set to benefit from the implemented changes which target assisting them to easily respond to crisis and disasters. On top of this, the users will also gain easy access to information.

Crisis Response is the company’s latest feature and will be functioning as the central hub for crisis and disaster information. Facebook asserts that the new feature will help the users on the platform see crisis-related content such as videos, photos and links to articles posted the global community.

The Crisis Response page will be merging the three crisis-related pages that were recently formulated by this social media giant onto a single site. Users use the Safety Check to inform family members and friends about their safety during instances of terror attacks, natural disasters as well as other threatening incidences. The Community Help gives the users an opportunity to either pose questions or offer assistance to those communities experiencing a crisis.

In the upcoming weeks, the various users will be able to access Crisis Response on the platform from the menu button on their phone or from the homepage on desktop.

The passage of time has seen the social media giant do much more in line with adopting strategies to help it to better serve its community and one of them has been the continued development of the crisis response tools. During instances of a crisis, a large number of people usually resort to Facebook to inform their families and friends about their safety. It is also usually important for them to share what is happening on the ground and the great need to help communities recover cannot be downplayed.

Facebook’s spokesperson opined, “Safety Check activations and related information may also appear in News Feed to help provide additional details about a crisis. It strives to continuously provide people with helpful information to keep them safe and help communities to rebuild and recover.”

The social media industry has been a rather competitive one in the recent years. However, the company hopes that the changes it has been implementing will help it improve its position in the market.

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