Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Has New Feature For Identifying Profile Imposters

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Has New Feature For Identifying Profile Imposters

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is working on a new feature that sis designed to alert a user when someone else tries to impersonate their Facebook account.

The company revealed that it has been testing the feature since November last year and that the feature has been activated on 75% of the accounts on company’s social media network. The feature is a genius offering that aims to improve privacy and dignity for users. Mashable reported that the company alerts users when it detects that their accounts have been duplicated. It then gives the users the option of choosing whether the imposter should be flagged or not.

Though the process is largely automatic, the company carries out a manual review of the duplicate accounts to make sure that the process achieves the highest level of effectiveness. Facebook claims that online harassment has been a constant problem that users have been facing on the social platforms and the firm is still working on ways to overcome these problems. Women have often been the victims of harassment and abuse on social medial platforms but Facebook is working on safety measures that will make women feel more secure.

The social media firm has also offered resources that allow users to flag inappropriate content such as pornography from the website. There is also a photo privacy feature that allows users to determine who they want to view their photos. The new feature for detecting profile imposters may prove to be yet another feature that contributes towards making the Facebooks social platform safer as a platform aimed at the global community.

The feature for checking the non-consensual images and the photo checkup functions have already been launched in India, Africa, South East Asia and parts of South America. Victims of such cases will also be provided with external links to support groups as well as options for legal actions against the offender. Facebook is expected to reveal more details about its privacy efforts as the developments progress.