Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Executive Leaves Firm To Join Sequoia Capital

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Executive Leaves Firm To Join Sequoia Capital

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) executive Mike Vernal has left the social network giant to pursue opportunities at Sequoia Capital.

Mr. Vernal was the head of developer, local and search products at Facebook and he reported directly to the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. Vernal has also worked for the company’s commerce tools. Facebook has announced that it does intend to look for a replacement for Mr. Vernal’s position.

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Mr. Vernal will join Sequoia as a partner, and he will lead the firm towards investing in startup companies. Facebook released a statement saying that Mr. Vernal has been a vital part of the Facebook team. The statement also revealed that the team is saddened by his departure, but they are also happy because he has taken a new step in his career path and Facebook wished him all the best.

The former Facebook executive also wrote a post about his exit from Facebook where he stated that it took him some time before he understood Zuckerberg’s vision, especially about spreading the internet on a global scale and giving people the power to share anything. He also added that one of the most important things that he has learned on Facebook is that even a small group of people who are driven and with a vision can change the world, and Sequoia has built a strong portfolio by helping startups to grow into some of the most influential firms in the world.

Vernal’s last efforts at Facebook involve transforming the company’s search function into a feature where people can find posts relating to recent events rather than just a place to find friends. The announcement about his departure comes just a week after the company’s annual developer conference in San Francisco which hosted 2,500 attendants. The company revealed its 10-year mission which involves virtual reality, chatbots, and artificial intelligence. Vernal is the first person to be selected as a Sequoia since Michael Goguen left the firm.