Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Arouses Controversy With New App For Teens

Parents have raised concerns over the new Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) app known as Lifestage that targets teenagers.

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The Lifestage app, launched a week ago has parents raising concerns about how the app can be used by people with ill intentions to target the teenagers. Social media experts are worried that anyone can sign up masquerading as a high school student and use fake accounts to gather sensitive information about the teenagers.  The app has been advertised as a fun and visual platform that students can use through their school networks. The social app allows teens to watch videos about the lives of their friends and acquaintences.

The app was created by a 19-year-old Facebook Software engineer known as Michael Sayman. His idea with the app was to provide a platform that would connect teens who attend the same school. The interface of the app is similar to that of Snapchat meaning it allows users to share photos and videos. Sayman joined Facebook after one of his apps known as 4 Snaps achieved 2 million users.

The lifestyle app has aroused concerns because it does not feature vital restrictions on posts and updates. This means that the personal information of users is publicly available. One of the most notable restrictions on the app is the fact that it does not allow users who are above 21 years old to view the profiles of other users. They can only see their own profiles. This is because the app targets the teenage demography. However, it is still not a secure system because hackers or people with malicious intent might forge their information.

The app is also receiving a lot of opposition from parents because it prevents them from easily monitoring their children’s activities on the social platform. They also worry that the fact that the app allows videos and photos could lead to the sharing of inappropriate content aside from the security threat that it poses.

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