Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), To Allow Users To Know When Friends Are Typing

Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), To Allow Users To Know When Friends Are Typing

According to recent reports, Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) might now allow users to see when their friends are typing on a comment section. The social networking giant confirmed that it is presently testing out this feature.

Amber Dickso, a Twitter, Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) user, first observed the said feature on Friday. Accordingly, the social networking site will notify a user that “a friend is writing a comment”.

Why Facebook is Testing the Feature

According to a Facebook spokesperson, the company has received feedback from its users that they want their experience on the platform to become more real-time. As a result, the social media provider has decided to add a line above comment boxes to specify when and whether a friend is typing a comment.

Facebook testing the waters with changes and new features is not surprising. Every now and then, the company rolls out experimental features on a small percentage of completely random users. Looking just at the past couple of months, the company has already rolled out a number of new features deemed favorable by its users. For example, the launch of Facebook reactions has deepened the experience and made it more interactive. Likewise, the safety check-in feature has become handy especially when unexpected tragedies happen around the world.

With the latest attempt that responds to what most users have been clamoring for, Facebook is yet again expressly seeking to improve the services it provides by attending to what users are requesting.

Other Experimental Features

Currently, Facebook is also experimenting on a new feature that allows user to post videos on comment sections. A company spokesperson noted that this is part of Facebook’s efforts to allow people maximize their experience and have more fun with various tools.

Similarly, in Australia, Facebook is trying a new algorithm that sorts a user’s news feed depending on one’s interests. Default topics include Animals and Pets, TV and Movies, Relationships, Travel, and Politics.