European Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitpanda To Add IOTA & Komodo (KMD) To Its Listing

European cryptocurrency exchange Bitpanda recently announced that it is planning to list IOTA and Komodo (KMD) tokens. The information was provided by the Austrian exchange on June 7 through its Twitter account. As per the post, the trading activities for both these tokens will start from June 14 onwards.

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Bitpanda & IOTA To Create Fully Functional Wallet

The exchange successfully launched Bitpanda 2.0 recently. The latest addition of IOTA and Komodo indicates that the platform wants to speed up things and provide its users the ability to trade new cryptocurrencies on a regular basis. Also, with its addition on Bitpanda, Komodo will get a direct fiat on-ramp in EUR and USD. It should be noted that KMD is one of the most technologically advanced cryptocurrency assets.

It is good news for KMD and IOTA traders, however the Austrian platform has certain limitations when it comes to ordering, withdrawing and purchasing tokens.

The Bitpanda community has been demanding the integration of IOTA on its platform for some time, so the announcement has certainly made fans happy. As per the report, the IOTA Foundation and Bitpanda integration team are working together to create a fully functional IOTA wallet. This wallet will provide withdraw and send functions on the Bitpanda platform.

Bitpanda Applying Ripple (XRP) Integration Process To IOTA & KMD

The addition of KMD to the platform is not surprising as it was teased during the Pantos ICO. Komodo is one of the project partners of the Austrian cryptoexchange. Also, the token will be a part of the platforms for PAN, the pantos Meta token. PAN is being specially created to enable frictionless and instant cross chain transfers between differently supported blockchains.

Just like IOTA, at first, KMD will be trade only, limited to buy and sell orders but will be followed by a full-fledged wallet in the coming days. The team at Bitpanda said, “We were pleased with how the integration process for Ripple worked, so we are now applying it to Komodo and IOTA as well. The procedure will also stay the same for additional cryptocurrencies coming in the next weeks and months.”

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