Ethos Reveals Integration With Simplex

Ethos, a U.S. based crypto firm, has reported its integration with the Simplex service. Following the integration, Ethos clients will be able to access liquidity as well as exchange services between fiat currencies and the virtual currencies on a global scale.

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Simplex is an international instant fiat buying service that allows users to buy altcoin and Bitcoin (BTC-USD) using their credit cards or debit cards. It allows brokers, exchanges, marketplaces, and wallets to safely transact online.

Developing a financial scheme

Through the integration, Ethos is planning to develop a financial scheme that is fair, safe and transparent for all its users. It aims to achieve this by exploiting the autonomy and the potential offered by digital currencies. Through the Ethos Universal Wallet, users are able to manage the funds directly, and the mobile wallet is self-storing and safe. Additionally, investors are enabled to send, receive, store or track over 100 tokens.

Efficient and secure

Simplex will enable Ethos to speed up the initial phase of the fiat gateway. At the same time, it will offer its customers an efficient and secure way of converting between fiat and digital currency. Since it is linked to Shapeshift integration, an exchange service for different altcoins, clients can access a variety of virtual currencies and tokens through fiat.

Ethos’ CEO and founder, Shingo Lavine was pleased that his company could provide a wealth of powerful capabilities to its clients. “The Universal Wallet will become the most accessible way for people to safely interact with cryptocurrencies using innovative services such as Simplex,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Simplex was proud to aid Ethos in expanding its offering services. Its CEO, Nimrod Lehavi, said that his company was glad in playing an important role in providing an efficient and simplified conversion between fiat and virtual currency that was secure.

Ethos in the beginning of July introduced the Universal Wallet. The said wallet was launched on the Android system and initially made accessible to users based in the Netherlands. However, the company announced then, that other countries would access it in a few weeks’ time.

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