Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin Allays Rumours That He Might Be On The Way Out

Vitalik Buterin; dismisses rumors of him leaving Ethereum

Along with blockchain technology came with new personalities that are still gracing the ecosystem. In particular, Vitalik Buterin is one of the few towering figures in the nascent field. However, recent rumours regarding the future of Buterin in Ethereum project seem to be untrue.

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Ethereum is one of the most notable blockchain networks in the blockchain community. Interestingly, the network introduced smart contracts which are revolutionising the whole blockchain space. In particular, Buterin wrote the Ethereum white paper back in 2012. That makes him a very important figure to the network.

Fading into the background

Therefore, his departure from the network could be the worst thing that could happen to Ethereum. During the Ethereum Developer Conference, hosted in Prague, Czech Republic, Buterin sat down with the MIT Technology Review.

During the interview, Buterin acknowledged that he takes an outsized role at the Ethereum Foundation. In particular, he acts as the de facto CEO where he runs most of the business. In the same breath, Buterin understands that blockchain centers itself on decentralization. He believes that this is the reason blockchain is very popular.

In this view, Buterin believes that Ethereum’s reliance on him negates the very need for decentralization. As per the MIT Technology Review, Buterin says it is “time for him to start fading into the background to allow the community to grow to its full potential in a decentralized manner.”

Vitalik Buterin not going anywhere

Buterin explained that “a truly decentralized system has no single component whose failure could bring down the whole system.” In particular, the need for Vitalik Buterin to fade into the background will let the community grow naturally.

Hudson Jameson of the Ethereum Foundation says that the young inspiration is already out of most decision-making. However, Jameson agrees with Buterin and adds that, “That’s something that I think is really important for the ecosystem to thrive and become more decentralized.”

After a lot of chatter on Twitter, Buterin came out to clarify that he is still much a part of the Ethereum community. He said that he has no plans to start projects and leave just like Dan Larimer, another blockchain personality.

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