Esterline Technologies Corporation (NYSE:ESL) Files An 8-K

Esterline Technologies Corporation (NYSE:ESL) entered into Amendment No. 2 to the letter agreement dated as of September 16, 2016, and amended as of September 27, 2016 (“Amendment No. 2”) with First Pacific Advisors, LLC and certain of its affiliates (collectively, “FPA”) regarding ongoing discussions between the Company and FPA relating to FPA’s ownership of shares of the Company’s outstanding common stock (“Common Stock”) and certain other governance matters. Pursuant to Amendment No. 2, FPA agreed that it will not purchase or acquire, directly or indirectly, any additional shares of Common Stock until the earlier of (i) 11:59 p.m. on October 17, 2016, or (ii) 72 hours after FPA provides notice to the Company that discussions have terminated.

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