Epoch Partners Introduce First Retail Public Offering Of Cryptocurrency In The World

Epoch Partners Limited recently introduced the first retail public offering of virtual currency and funds related to digital assets in the world. Headquartered in the Cayman Islands, the company filed fund’s Securities Registration Statement on EDINET on 28 September this year.

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EDINET is a Japanese disclosure system followed by its Financial Services Agency. The subscriptions of the filing opened on 15 October this year. The Securities Registration Statement says that the subscriptions must have the capping at around $900 million or JPY 100 billion.

Epoch Digital Assets to use hedge fund management knowledge for investment

As per reports, the Epoch Digital Assets will use its hedge fund management knowledge for investing into funds. The company will also use various investment vehicles having exposure to multiple types of cryptocurrencies, digital assets and initial coin offerings (ICO). It is hoped that this will help the company get aggressive returns while cutting down volatility.

The major challenge before Epoch is providing diversified exposure to virtual currencies and digital assets with very small investments. However, the same can be extremely appealing to retail investors. Even though digital asset space shows remarkable potential for growth, it does represent an extremely volatile market with massive price swings. It means investors will have to invest in the first retail public offering fund at their risk.

According to James Skinner, a partner at Epoch Partners, “We were very keen to undertake the world’s first public offering of a cryptocurrency fund in Japan and look forward to great things ahead. The asset class is still young, but the movement to more institutional players like Goldman Sachs and Nomura entering the space shows the great potential of this area.” Skinner further added that in the coming days digital assets and investment portfolios will integrate similar to the fixed income products and equities of today, although at a lower level.

Teneo Partners to market first retail public offering fund

Tokyo-based Teneo Partners will market and sell the fund in collaboration with other Japanese securities firms. Reports indicate that since the start of this year, cryptocurrencies have started entering the finance world’s mainstream. First Bitcoin (BTC) futures started trading on the CBOE followed by the foray of Nomura Holdings into virtual currency security and storage solutions, and ICE forming a new subsidiary in collaboration with Starbucks and Microsoft.

Now Epoch Partners is coming out with their first retail public offering of a fund in the crypto world.

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