EOS CTO To Abolish Current Constitution To Overcome Crisis

EOS (EOS-USD) Chief Technology Officer, Dan Larimer is planning to abolish the current EOS constitution and evolve a new one to overcome the crisis and current difficulties faced by the platform. Earlier the Streemit founder was planning to completely remove the constitution but now seems to be thinking of coming out with a replacement for the current constitution of EOS.

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In one of his posts, Larimer said, “We have seen that if you give people arbitrary power to resolve arbitrary disputes then everything becomes a dispute and the decisions made are arbitrary. The more power the arbiter has, the more vicious and petty the disputes become and the less predictable the outcome.” Incidentally, this move has come out just two weeks since the launch of EOS’ mainnet.

Screenshots of the conversation between Simon Case and Larimer posted by Sonata Systems on the Reddit showed the excerpts of the EOS telegram chat revealing the intentions of the CTO.

Why is EOS changing its constitution?

In the last few months, the platform had to face a lot of criticism and there is no sign of the negative publicity slowing down. The platform develops decentralized applications similar to Ethereum (ETH) and the constitution that governs the platform indicates that the disputes should be referred to the Core Arbitration Forum (ECAF). In the past few months, the ECAF has been freezing the accounts of the user.

While some users have appreciated these actions by the EOS platform to freeze the accounts of the scammers most of the users have expressed dissatisfaction over the implementation of this governance model questioning its decentralization. It is because the model followed by EOS is quite terrible in the opinion of many users in that first it freezes the accounts and then says that the reasons will be given on a later date.

How will the proposed changes make a difference?

As per the report, the proposed changes will offer a solution to many of the issues related to the constitution. Firstly, the new constitution will only handle the major blockchain issues similar to the problem DAO suffered after hacking. The new framework will take the 21 block producers (BPs) power away as they have been criticized for controlling the blockchain of EOS single-handedly.

The aim of this new change is to put a stop to this monopoly. The new framework will also restrict the arbiters’ oversight responsibility to a large extent.

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