Drive Shack Inc. (NYSE:DS) Files An 8-K Material Modification to Rights of Security Holders

Drive Shack Inc. (NYSE:DS) Files An 8-K Material Modification to Rights of Security Holders
Item 3.03 Material Modification to Rights of Security Holders.


Exchange Feature

At any time after a person becomes an Acquiring Person and prior to the acquisition by such person or group of 50% or more of the Common Stock then outstanding, the Board may exchange the Rights (other than Rights owned by such person or group which have become void), in whole or in part, at an exchange ratio of one share of Common Stock, or one one-thousandth of a share of Series E Preferred Stock (or of a share of a class or series of the Company’s preferred stock having equivalent rights, preferences and privileges), per Right (subject to adjustment).

Equitable Adjustments

The Purchase Price payable, and the number of Units of Series E Preferred Stock or other securities or property issuable, upon exercise of the Rights are subject to adjustment from time to time to prevent dilution (i) in the event of a stock dividend on, or a subdivision, combination or reclassification of, the Series E Preferred Stock, (ii) if holders of the Series E Preferred Stock are granted certain rights or warrants to subscribe for Series E Preferred Stock or convertible securities at less than the current market price of the Series E Preferred Stock, or (iii) upon the distribution to holders of the Series E Preferred Stock of evidences of indebtedness or assets (excluding regular quarterly cash dividends) or of subscription rights or warrants (other than those referred to above).

With certain exceptions, no adjustment in the Purchase Price will be required until cumulative adjustments amount to at least 1% of the Purchase Price. No fractional Units will be issued and, in lieu thereof, an adjustment in cash will be made based on the market price of the Series E Preferred Stock on the last trading day prior to the date of exercise.

Redemption Rights

At any time until 10 business days following the Stock Acquisition Date, the Company may, at the Company’s option, redeem the Rights in whole, but not in part, at a price of $0.001 per Right (payable in cash, Common Stock or other consideration deemed appropriate by the Board ). Immediately upon the action of the Board ordering redemption of the Rights, the Rights will terminate and the only right of the holders of Rights will be to receive the $0.001 redemption price.

Amendment of Rights

Any of the provisions of the Plan may be amended by the Board prior to the Distribution Date except that the Board may not extend the expiration of the Rights beyond 11:59 P.M. (New York City time) on December 5, 2018 unless such extension is approved by the Company’s stockholders prior to 11:59 P.M. (New York City time) on December 5, 2018. After the Distribution Date, the provisions of the Plan may be amended by the Board in order to cure any ambiguity, to make changes that do not adversely affect the interests of holders of Rights, or to shorten or lengthen any time period under the Plan. The foregoing notwithstanding, no amendment may be made at such time as the Rights are not redeemable, except to cure any ambiguity or correct or supplement any provision contained in the Plan which may be defective or inconsistent with any other provision therein.


Until a Right is exercised, the holder thereof, as such, will have no separate rights as a stockholder of the Company, including the right to vote or to receive dividends in respect of the Rights. While the distribution of the Rights will not be taxable to the Company’s stockholders or to the Company, stockholders may, depending upon the circumstances, recognize taxable income in the event that the Rights become exercisable for Common Stock (or other consideration) of the Company or for common stock of the acquiring company or in the event of the redemption of the Rights as set forth above.

Item 9.01 Financial Statements and Exhibits.

(d) Exhibits.

Exhibit No.


Tax Benefits Preservation Plan, dated as of December 6, 2017, between Drive Shack Inc. and American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC

Drive Shack Inc. Exhibit
EX-4.1 2 s001987x1_ex4-1.htm EXHIBIT 4.1 Exhibit 4.1      TAX BENEFITS PRESERVATION PLAN dated as of December 6,…
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About Drive Shack Inc. (NYSE:DS)

Drive Shack Inc., formerly Newcastle Investment Corp., is a leisure company. The Company previously operated as a real estate investment trust (REIT). The Company is an owner and operator of golf-related leisure and entertainment businesses. The Company’s portfolio consists of Drive Shack, which is engaged in developing nationwide network of golf entertainment venues; American Golf Corporation, which is a golf course company, and real estate-related assets. American Golf Corporation operates approximately 90 private, resort and public golf courses throughout the United States. It has a range of public and private golf courses in California, New York, and Georgia. It operates multiple facilities that provide golf, tennis, swimming and spa facilities, among others. Its online Pro Shop offers a range of golf gifts, such as personalized golf balls, golf luggage and accessories. Its public golf courses equipped with practice areas, golf shops, driving ranges, and food and beverage options.

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