DLH Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ:DLHC) Files An 8-K Financial Statements and Exhibits

DLH Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ:DLHC) Files An 8-K Financial Statements and Exhibits
Item 9.01 of the Original Form 8-K. As previously reported in the Original Form 8-K, DLH acquired Irving Burton Associates, LLC (“IBA”) to an Equity Purchase Agreement dated September 30, 2020 (the “Purchase Agreement”) by and among DLH, IBA, Project Insight Holdings, Inc. (the “Seller”), the Owners of the Seller, and Anna L. Ryan as the Sellers’ Representative. The acquisition was completed on September 30, 2020 and IBA became a direct, wholly-owned subsidiary of DLH on such date (the “Acquisition”). The Original Form 8-K is amended by this Amendment on Form 8-K/A to present certain financial statements of IBA and to present certain unaudited pro forma financial information in connection with the Acquisition. IBA’s financial statements and the unaudited pro forma information of DLH and its subsidiaries are filed as exhibits hereto. The foregoing description of the Purchase Agreement and the transactions contemplated therein is not complete and is subject to, and qualified in its entirety by, the full text of the Purchase Agreement, which was attached as Exhibit 2.1 to the Original Form 8-K and incorporated herein by reference. Items and exhibits previously reported in the Original Form 8-K that are not included in this Amendment remain unchanged.

* Furnished herewith.
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DLH Holdings Corp. Exhibit
EX-23.1 2 a2020ibaa-ex23cstconse.htm EX-23.1 DocumentEXHIBIT 23.1 CONSENT OF REGISTERED INDEPENDENT PUBLIC ACCOUNTING FIRM           We hereby consent to the incorporation by reference in the Registration Statements of DLH Holdings Corp. on Form S-3 (File Nos. 333-238882,…
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