Controversial ‘Giant Monster’ Discovered On Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google Maps Turns Out To Be A Rock

A video that claims evidence of a giant sea creature caught on Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google Maps has been going viral on social media including YouTube but experts have refuted the video saying that it is just a chunk of rock.

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The person who posted the video claims that he discovered a massive water disturbance near Deception Island, which is located near the coast of Antarctica as he was viewing Google Earth. According to the researcher, the object he saw resembles the sea monsters that are talked about in legends. Other claims suggest that it could be the Plesiosaur fin, a massive marine reptile that existed millions of years ago. A lot of conspiracy theories have been presented since the object was discovered, but researchers have dismissed all those claims and concluded that it is a rock.

Some viewers on YouTube commented saying that the object might be the “Kraken” depicted in films as a giant octopus or squid that attacks large creatures such as whales or ships. There have even been outrageous suggestions that the object is a UFO. Andrew David from Southern Fried Science analyzed the object using nautical charts to prove that the 30-meter tall object being mistaken for a giant creature is sail rock.

It is located Southwest of Deception Island and North of Antarctica. Deception Island is also located just 600 miles off the southern tip of South America, and it is part of the Antarctic Treaty system. Two scientific research stations are located on the Island. One of the stations is Spanish while the other one is Argentinean. So far a lot of wrong answers regarding the massive object in the water have been brought forward, and social media has blown the matter out of proportion with speculation.

It is however not the first time that Sail Rock has been mistaken for something else. Sailors in the 19th century often mistook the rock for something else including other ships. However, in the end it is just a huge rock.

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