Colombia Finds Company to Develop Thousands of Hectares of Cannabis Production

CannabCo Pharmaceutical Corp. Colombia S.A.S., better known as CannabCo Colombia, has signed an agreement with the Colombia Regional Government to develop thousands of hectares of cannabis and hemp production in the Los Llanos region of Colombia.

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CannabCo Colombia is a Colombia based cannabis cultivator and manufacturer of medical cannabis products.

The joint venture of CannabCo and Invest In Orinoquia will proceed with the deployment of “purpose-built” cannabis greenhouses for the cultivation of cannabis under the medical production laws of Colombia in the Los Llanos (Prairies) region near Villavicencio.

The project has been funded for an initial five-hectare build-out with potential expansion to 240 hectares of cannabis cultivation over the next five years.

“We are thrilled to be working with CannabCo on a project of this magnitude,” stated Didier Valek, executive director of Invest in Orinoquia. “It was important for us to find the right company for the development of cannabis within the region and we were impressed with CannabCo’s vast knowledge base, professionalism, and existing footprint in Colombia making them the perfect choice for a project of this size.”

Already projected to be one of the largest cannabis producers globally, this latest initiative secures CannabCo as a primary source for medical Cannabis extracts and products for both domestic supply and export markets.

The Los Llanos region features the perfect environment for growing cannabis, with an ample amount of sunlight, water availability, and a stable annual temperature suitable for cultivation. The company will be providing genetics for cultivation specific to the Los Llanos region to maximize productivity, yields, and resistance to local pathogens. Through the use of targeted genetics, and purpose-built cannabis greenhouses, management intends for Cannabco’s operations to be the most advanced and productive cultivation operation in South America.

CannabCo estimates at least four crop rotations per annum yielding an abundance of high-quality product slated for extraction to cannabis oil. The project will be ICA certified (Colombia’s Agriculture Institute) and follows GACP and GPP practices for the cultivation of a food-grade/medical crop.

In addition to the Los Llanos project, CannabCo recently completed an agreement for the conversion of approximately 1 million sq. ft. of greenhouse production in the Cundinamarca region for cannabis cultivation.

All product will be shipped to and processed at CannabCo’s extraction facility currently being constructed to EUGMP standards and located outside of the country’s capital city of Bogota.

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