Clash & Go Combines Strategy And AR Through Blockchain

ATPCO Partners With Blockskye In A Blockchain Project
ATPCO Partners With Blockskye In A Blockchain Project

Ukrainian games maker Elyland has launched a new mobile game known as Clash & Go. The game that was launched on August 20, 2018, is based on blockchain technology. What sets the project apart though is that the strategy game also utilizes augmented reality (AR).

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Augmented reality’s first major test came in July 2016, following the introduction of the game Pokemon Go. It had not entered the mobile game sector before then.

Nevertheless, a new player has since emerged, fusing AR with the blockchain technology. Since the mobile games industry is currently worth around $57.9 billion, Clash & Go aims to have a piece of the market.

Social interactions

Clash & Go enables its players to manipulate the world of AR while the elements of the Role-playing game (RPG) offer an additional layer of gameplay. Other than AR, blockchain, and RPG the new game also provides social interaction via chats, clans or even group tasks developed for the community’s needs.

Clash & Go fuses AR with geolocation, building city strategies, as well as battles that are real time to develop its own kind of game. The game expands the current tower defense and city building type of game beyond the border of a gamers’ black rectangle. Hence, players will battle out in the parks, streets or anywhere simulating landmarks that are actually found in real life.

Earn tokens

Subsequently, gamers earn tokens from playing. Managing the said landmarks while playing leads to the tokenization of CGO coins. These coins can later be converted to either Bitcoin (BTC) or even Ethereum (ETH).

Since gamers earn the tokens freely by playing, this enables them to manipulate the world of AR by utilizing the tokens to balance the game. The urge of making real money motivates gamers to seriously compete with neighbors or even friends.

Clash & Go’s game area is as vast as the earth itself. Consequently, anytime you log in to play, one will always get a new area resulting from other players’ changes. Thus, the more landmarks you capture the more coins you get.

Elyland which is based in Ukraine has been making games for the global markets since 2007. It is popular for developing the game Draconius Go which is similar to Pokemon Go. In spite of the game causing a conflict with Niantic, gamers preferred it for its depth and game engineering.

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