Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) Teams Up With Rivals For Higher Security

Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) has announced that it will team up with its rivals and align its resources to make sure that it develops the highest level of security achievable for its clients.

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Cisco Vice President Scott Harrell stated that the claim that the firm wants to achieve 100% security coverage is a daring claim, though not an impossible feat. Harrell pointed out that the claim means the firm will strive to deliver its security offering to its customers regardless of whether they are in their places of business or whether they are working remotely. The VP made the statements during the Cisco Live event that was held in Las Vegas. He also added that the problems faced by customers and network administrators span beyond firewalls and thus the need for reinforced solutions.

With the coverage goal in mind, the company announced plans to launch three new network security features. The new features are specifically for Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (DNA) so that it can deliver advanced and simplified security for information technology customers, network engineers, and channel partners. Cisco revealed that the security additions are designed to improve its existing features and to broaden its security coverage.

The company seeks to deploy security uniformity across all products so that users can enjoy security whether they are on the business premises or not. The idea is that when malware is detected on one device, it can be blocked throughout the entire enterprise. To achieve this, Cisco will use the Umbrella Branch cloud-delivered security software which offers content filtering to guest Wi-Fi usage while at the same time delivering in a simple yet speedy manner. The software can be deployed through the Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISR) 4,000 series.

Another solution pursued is the Meraki MX Security Appliances with Threat Grid and AMP. These solutions allow network administrators to rapidly come up with remedies and management tools when threats occur. The system is operated through an automated cloud system.

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