Cannvas MedTech to Bring American Cannabis Education Products to Canada


Canadian digital cannabis education and analytics firm Cannvas MedTech (CSE: MTEC) (Frankfurt: 3CM) (OTCPK: CANVF) has formed a partnership with Seed Technology, a customer-focused interactive cannabis education platform based in California.

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The partnership grants Cannvas exclusive rights to distribute co-branded kiosks and related technology to medical clinics and dispensaries across Canada.

Cannabis Education to Customers at Dispensaries

Seed is developed by Horizon Display, which provides digital solutions for top brands. Seed offers dispensaries with a tool to improve their buying experience for customers and support their staff. The company has one of the most advanced interactive education platforms available in dispensaries today.

Steve Loutskou, the chief operating officer of global markets at Cannvas MedTech, stated that “Seed Technology has established itself as a premier purveyor of cannabis education to customers at dispensaries across the United States.”

Loutskou noted that the partnership allows them “to offer a wider range of cannabis education products and services through our Cannvas Kiosk initiative to better serve our partners and deliver accessible and unbiased cannabis learning resources to as many Canadians as possible.”

Reliable Cannabis Information

Cannvas will gain access to Seed’s existing facilities and services, including its in-house system for the manufacturing, distribution and content creation of its kiosks.

The companies are planning to integrate their learning kiosks with select health clinics and platforms from coast to coast whereby users engaging with the kiosk have an opportunity to follow up with a licensed medical practitioner, should they so choose, and these clinics or platforms will be among their options.

They will also collaborate on integrating Cannvas.Me technology and content into Seed kiosks to improve accessibility to free, unbiased and physician-backed education about the potential health benefits of medical and adult-use cannabis.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for all Canadians curious about cannabis consumption but unsure where to turn for reliable, accurate and timely education on its potential health benefits,” Daniel Davidzon, director of strategy and education at Cannvas MedTech, stated.

“Bringing the Seed kiosk brand to Canada increases our chances of reaching active and potential cannabis consumers where they shop, eat, work and live through on-site learning resources like the Cannvas.Me platform and equipping them with the information they need to make informed decisions on cannabis usage prior to speaking to their health care provider,” Davidzon added.

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