CannaOne, Manna Health to Launch Online CBD Marketplace in Mexico

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CannaOne Technologies (CSE: CNNA) has signed an agreement with Mexico-based Manna Health Services SA de CV to launch an online CBD marketplace in Mexico.

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The companies plan to undertake the development, launch, and operation of an online CBD product purchase and delivery marketplace for the Mexican market. The agreement was signed on March 5, with a contract term of 36 months and an option to renew for an additional 60 months at the conclusion of the initial period.

CannaOne will build, manage and oversee “a customized enterprise version of BloomKit for Manna Health intended to be the “go-to” online CBD product marketplace in Mexico,” CannaOne CEO Solomon Riby-Williams states.

CannaOne’s BloomKit is an enterprise software solution that “will give Manna the capability to offer a flagship and fully operational online CBD marketplace once Mexican regulations are finalized.”

The software will allow Manna to monitor and track pick-up and delivery logistics. It has the capability to deliver historical and current trending analytics to ensure optimal management of all CBD sales channels.

CannaOne has developed its first product in the Bloom product suite, BloomKit, a complete enterprise solution for any B-to-C cannabis company. BloomKit’s features include; themed online storefronts for dispensaries, pick-up scheduling, delivery services for medical and recreational sales. BloomKit was developed with modular dynamic features in mind to adapt to any governing body’s regulations. BloomKit provides the ability to serve clients with a turnkey solution on a global scale.

Riby-Williams states that their “collaboration with Manna will provide CannaOne the immediate credibility of working directly with a highly respected Mexican organization that already has existing partnerships covering retail and commercial land, pharmacies, shopping malls, and tourist destinations throughout Mexico.”

Manna Health is approved by the Mexican government to buy, sell, lease, distribute, import, or export any products related to health and wellness.

Once this CBD marketplace has operational, Manna and CannaOne will jointly “study, analyze and utilize all market and consumer data that is collected and retained through the marketplace,” Riby-Williams notes.

Mexico CBD Market

Mexico could become one the biggest cannabis market. At the end of 2018, the country announced approval for the importation and sale of cannabis products in pharmacies and retailers.

The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risk (COFEPRIS), a regulatory body of the Mexican government, has approved 60 product licenses so far. The agency’s decision is expected to make cannabis products like hemp-derived CBD available on the shelves of general retailers across the country.

With a population of more than 130 million people, Mexico could become an important and big market for cannabis companies and investors.

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