Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Submits Patent Application

The cannabis industry is still fledgling but with a lot of potential. As such, Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTCMKTS:CNBX) is working hard to leverage its first mover advantage. The firm reportedly filed a patent in the US for a proprietary technology. The aim, according to the Cannabics team, is to solidify the technology.

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Cannabics Pharmaceuticals exploiting cancer-cannabis interplay

Cannabics is a major player in the field that exploits the interplay between cancer and cannabis. It exploits the therapeutic characteristics of the plant in helping cancer patients get through their dilemma.

The technology centres on data transfer between the firm and interested entities across the globe. This is in light of the existing restrictions on the products in many parts of the world.

Interestingly, the firm does some ground-breaking research in the areas of medical cannabis and strains of cancer. However, the research cannot benefit people in cannabis-restricted regions of the world. This is especially serious if they were to transport actual marijuana to or out of the regions. Therefore, the technology exploits the legality of data transfer anywhere across the globe.


Commenting on the developments, the firm’s CTO and c-founder, Dr. Eyal Ballan said the move is strategic. In particular, Dr. Ballan noted the patent will go a long way in helping to “create standardization in a multifactorial drug like cannabis.”

“It gives us the leverage to enjoy the beneficial facets of the entourage effect while building a matrix of logic behind compound ratios and dosages,” Dr. Ballan added.

The firm is looking to strengthen its technology by entering strategic agreements with like-minded firms. The focus will be on how to continue exploiting strains of cannabis in helping of cancer patients.

The firm’s CEO is taking the commitment to technology a notch higher by sharing their story on international platforms. In this light, the CEO presented at this year’s LD Micro Main Event where he outlined his company’s mission. The presentation could help to bring investor attention towards the firm’s proprietary technologies. These include IP and personalized AI predictive platforms.

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