Canary Rx, CANABC to Offer Consultancy to Micro Cannabis License Applicants


Target Group (OTCQB: CBDY) has signed a strategic alliance agreement with CANABC Services Ltd. Under the agreement, Target subsidiary Canary Rx will provide consulting and distribution services to micro license applicants.

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Micro license applicants, often referred to as ‘craft’ growers, face many obstacles as they attempt to prepare a compliant facility and processes, obtain a license from Health Canada, and meet the ongoing regulatory compliance requirements.

British Columbia-based CANABC is a medical and regulatory consulting firm that has assisted more than 8,000 patients to obtain medical cannabis documents from Health Canada.

By working with Canary Rx, CANABC will offer a comprehensive suite of consulting services to assist micro cultivation, processing and nursery applicants to obtain a license under the Cannabis Act. In contrast to traditional consulting firms, CANABC will provide fully-customized standard operating procedures (SOPs) and good production practices (GPPs) prepared by a quality assurance specialist, and assist micro’s with ongoing compliance once licensed.

Additionally, Canary Rx will offer distribution services to micro cultivators that are restricted to selling cannabis to licensed producers under the current regulations.

“Over the years, CANABC has met with hundreds of medical growers, many of which now wish to obtain Micro Licenses, yet don’t feel equipped to navigate Health Canada’s complex regulatory environment. We want to support these growers to get licensed, and stay licensed”, CANABC CEO Lawrence Bintner stated.

Canary Rx is in the final stages of obtaining a license to cultivate under the Cannabis Act. Situated in Ontario’s Garden, Norfolk County, Canary Rx is located on the shores of Lake Erie. Its 44,000 sq. ft. facility is designed to meet strict quality standards and equipped with the latest environmental control technology. The production space includes eight separate flower rooms, projected to produce 3,600kg cannabis per year.

“Canary understands that individuals and companies seeking Micro Licenses are often highly skilled and experienced growers. Everyone deserves an opportunity to participate in the cannabis industry, and we want to support Canadian growers in their efforts to become licensed,” stated Jake Weinstein, co-founder and COO of Canary Rx. “Consumers will benefit from the quality and diversity that craft growers can offer”.

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