Can Apollo Education Group Inc (NASDAQ:APOL) Make Money Helping Companies Cut Knowledge Cost?

Can Apollo Education Group Inc (NASDAQ:APOL) Make Money Helping Companies Cut Knowledge Cost?

Apollo Education Group Inc (NASDAQ:APOL) and the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) have come together to help companies save money in the training of their frontline managers. But the partners also hope to make money in the employee knowledge business.

According to data compiled by CCL, at least 50% of first-time managers feel significantly challenged in their new roles. The challenges are mostly linked to displaying authority. Apollo Education and CCL believe that they can help companies ease this challenge and many others with their first-time managers to ensure that they get the best from their employees.

Frontline Leader Impact

Towards addressing the knowledge need in the frontline managers segment, Apollo and CCL have created an online platform they call Frontline Leader Impact. As the name suggests, the platform is dedicated to addressing the needs of first-level managers.

According to CCL, most leaders across most organizations are first-level managers. Therefore, it believes that developing the capacity of that group is critical for many companies.

High costs

The two companies are hoping to get many organizations to sign up for their frontline manager training program because of the cost benefits it offers. For many organizations, providing leadership training to employees on management roles usually attract prohibitive costs. But an online training model should make such training more affordable, flexible and available on-demand.

The reason the providers are confident about the quality of their training program is that they both boast world-class status in the provision of employee and leadership development services.

Duration of the training

On a normal learning schedule, Apollo and CCL said their online frontline leadership training program will require six weeks to complete. During those weeks, frontline leaders will learn the key competencies required for effective leadership. Those include political savvy, self-awareness, influencing outcomes, motivating others, learning agility and communication.