Bitcoin Cash Blockchain-Based Platform Called Matter Now Ready For Use

At its core the Matter app is a decentralized blogging platform with a social media function. Matter is built on the blockchain of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and is now the third such platform scaffolded on top of an existing blockchain after Memo and Blockpress earlier this year. According to the website of Matter there is no security threat or backend access since the private keys are stored in a web browser and nowhere else.

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Additionally no cookies or sessions are stored in the backend and this is what ensures that the app is safe to use. With the Matter application long blog posts are welcomed. Matter also offers support for full markdown syntax. Functions such as following, likes and comments are expected to be added in the future.

Private key

Users of social media and digital currency wallets will find it easy to sign up for services offered by Matter due to the user friendliness and intuitiveness that is built in to the application. Once users register they are given a private key as well as a mnemonic phrase consisting of 12 words and these are the details required to sign into the platform, as is the usual setup with cryptocurrency wallets

Compared to traditional personal blogs and websites Matter is different in that information posted on it is stored forever and can never be deleted. Unlike in the case of traditional hosting where a site can be taken down once the yearly or monthly fee is not paid, with Matter this is not the case since the information resides on a blockchain and there is only a one-time fee which is minimal. To use the Matter platform it is mandatory to possess a Bitcoin Cash wallet.

Long-form content

When compared to another blockchain-based application such as Blockpress, one advantage that Matter possesses is the fact that long-form content is allowed. With Blockpress there is a character limit as a post cannot be longer than 217 characters. Additionally users can also title their posts if they wish and format it in any way they like including bolding, italicizing and underlining.

As per its Twitter profile Matter is a relatively new company and little is known about it yet. Matter’s payload size is restricted to the size of OP_RETURN which is 220 bytes.

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