Binance’s Info 2.0 To Help Users Learn Quickly About Its Services and Projects

Binance’s Info 2.0 To Help Users Learn Quickly About Its Services And Projects

Binance recently launched a pilot-run of Info.2.0, a learning portal that will help users to learn about its projects, services, and network quickly. The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world announced that as of now Info 2.0 carries data on 1,400 tokens and coins, all of them analyzed by the team of Binance.

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Info 2.0 to make all crypto-related information available easily

The cryptocurrency field is densely clustered. It is therefore important for a crypto enthusiast to pay attention to everything that is going around and stay informed. Now, a crypto trader can have all the required knowledge he wants as Binance Info 2.0 will make the information available easily.

Virtual currency has been around for almost a decade now and over the years has undergone a lot of changes. The USD market cap for cryptocurrency has changed drastically since Bitcoin’s inception. That is why it is necessary that there should be a stage that can unravel all such information. But Binance went a step ahead.

The cryptocurrency exchange builds off its Info 2.0 platform from initial research and compiled information from over 50 rating agencies. It also contacted many media and investment firms across the world and added a library of 1,000 reports to the platform. The reports rank from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent) providing a 5-star rating.

In its announcement, Binance stated, “We at Binance believe in working together to lay down the foundation of our blockchain ecosystem; to create value for the industry, and better serve users in product functions by building a good ecological model. By launching Info 2.0—a comprehensive and objective information aggregation platform—we hope to continue bringing value to our users and building our industry together.”

Binance believes that Info 2.0 will develop as an objective and comprehensive aggregation platform and becomes valuable across the blockchain and digital currency world.

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