Avicanna Eyes Top Position in Cannabinoid-Based Pharma Sector; Gets Research License

Courtesy of Avicanna

Avicanna (TSE: AVCN), a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development, manufacturing and commercialization of plant-derived cannabinoid-based products, has received a research license from Health Canada.

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The research license will allow the company’s research and development team to work with cannabinoid-based formulations and advanced pharmaceutical drug development at its research and development headquarters in Toronto.

“Attaining this license will allow Avicanna’s team of scientists to directly enhance and expedite research and development and intellectual property development projects while we concurrently execute via our ongoing collaborations, including with the University of Toronto, and at our subsidiaries’ laboratories in Colombia,” Avicanna CEO stated.

“In this way, Avicanna has further fortified its leadership position in the cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical industry and will further leverage working with top Canadian researchers, clinicians and world-class institutions, many of which are located meters away from the newly licensed lab,” Azadian added.

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