Apple Watch 3 Rumors, Features, Release Date, Price 2017

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) made a number of improvements to the second edition of its smartwatch, and now reports from multiple sources suggest that the Apple Watch’s third edition would come with even more impressive features.

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The Apple Watch 2 made a debut in September last year. The current generation of Apple Watch features a dual-core processor, a GPS, a brighter display, and a water resistant design.

Apple Watch 3 Rumors

Apple is unlikely to make changes to the design. However, the company could add some new colors to the line-up, according to a report from Mac World.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) might add a new multi-function band to the upcoming smartwatches. A patent spotted by Apple Insider showed that the company is working on a “magnetic wristband” for the Apple Watch. The wristband will offer cool interesting functionality. According to the patent, the band will feature a set of magnets embedded into it, allowing the two sides to join together.

Rumors also point out that the next smartwatches will feature a smart band that can show the time and notifications.

New patents filed by the tech giant for a wearable device features a front-facing camera. Rumors suggest that the next current generation of Apple Watch would feature a front-facing camera, allowing people to take selfies and make video calls.

We could see a circular variation of the smartwatch. Moreover, Apple might add an OLED display to its new smartwatches, suggested a report from Taiwanese website DigiTimes.

Rumors also indicate that the tech giant will release its next generation wearable with a new micro-LED displays. Those screens are lighter, thinner, and do not require backlighting like the current LCD panels.

Furthermore, the new smartwatch is expected to come with improved battery life. Apple claims that its smartwatch has an all-day battery life. But the problem with the all-day battery is that you have to charge it every evening.

Release Date and Price

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is expected to release the Watch 3 in September this year.

The third edition is said to come at $269, the same price as the Watch 2.

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