Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) Unveils iPhone X But Fears Samsung Might Be Out To Steal The Design

Apple iPhone

The stock of Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) closed at $156.55 gaining 0.42% in yesterday’s trading session. The new iPhone X is a major shift in the company’s manufacturing design. Its original model hit markets a decade ago and it saw the phone company generate high revenues.

Business competition is a reality the company is being forced to face every passing day and hopes that the new shift will help it compete with the other manufacturers effectively.

Its new iPhone has eliminated the iconic home button and instead settled on a nearly all-screen design. It pulls a long as the first iPhone to employ the OLED display while sidelining the need for the LCD displays.

Apple is currently paying a major focus in coming up with its new design and the move to ditch its current display supplier has been met with a lot of speculation. Some people have been taking the standpoint that it might all be a matter revolving around display panel quality or technology. On the contrary, it about the company’s fears that Samsung Display might end up double-crossing it by stealing its ideas and passing them on to Samsung Electronics, its major rival.

The history of Apple and Samsung dates many years back and it has been a tough journey. In 2011, Apple filed a lawsuit against the rival with claims that its patents had been infringed and its software stolen.

After sometime, a determination was made revealing that indeed the claims forwarded by Apple were true. To this moment, still a large number of the Samsung fans defend the phone manufacturing company. However, they need to acknowledge that truth can’t be twisted. In fact, the reason as to why Samsung has been able to maintain itself in the market is because it in a major way copied Apple.

Apple’s spokesperson opined, “In the case of this mysterious new iPhone Apple is said to be developing for the future, however, the foldable OLED panel will be used in a different way. According to the report, which cites a separate report from Korean-language news publication The Bell, the iPhone itself may be able to fold.”

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