Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) Shows Possibility Of Using Face ID Data For Other Purposes

Apple Inc

The stock of Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) closed at $169.80 losing 0.73% in yesterday’s trading session. This company is growing vibrant with every passing day and its iPhone X is a showcase of how far it is willing to go to impress its customers. The fact that simply looking at the device is able to unlock it is exciting users across the board.

The Face ID is a major technological advancement which identifies any given face by using about 30,000 infrared dots. They are projected to come up with a 3D digital model and this is exactly what Apple uses in making comparisons with the actual face when it gets to the point of unlocking the device.

The company has released a statement outlining that the Face ID has a great probability making an incorrect identification though there exist numerous unusual situations. Identical twins, masks created to serve that particular purpose as well as parents and their children if they look alike, as well as accidental dopplegangers happen to be some of the unusual cases.

It goes without saying that the Face ID is more secure as compared to the Touch ID which was its predecessor. However, the reality of the matter is that it isn’t infallible as a lot of people have been thinking.

At the moment, the iPhone company has started sharing Face ID data with a number of app developers and hopefully they might be utilizing that for a wide array of purposes. These might include using a user’s face or the specific data that represent the face of the user.

The company’s spokesperson opined, “Initially, Face ID was largely used in apps in the same way that Apple used it with iOS and its own apps, which was to use it as an alternate to a pass code. If you have an iPhone X, you’ve probably noticed that it can now use Face ID to provide access to your banking or shopping apps.”

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