Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) Set To Unveil iPad With Face ID But Lacking Home Button

Apple iPad

The stock of Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) closed at $175.88 losing 0.20% in yesterday’s trading session. This phone company will soon unveil a redesigned iPad that will come along with a new Face ID system though it the home button will be done away with. The company hopes that the users will be impressed with the Apple Pencil that is currently under development and it will be launched together with the updated device.

Doing away with the Touch ID home button is a great move since it will result in a more immersive screen filling almost the entire front of the 2018 iPad. A lot of people have been expecting Apple to use the OLED for the 2018 iPad lineup but that is pretty unlikely since some trusted sources indicate that the company will settle for LCD.

Samsung usually employs high-resolution OLED screens for both its 12-inch Galaxy Book that runs Windows and the Android-based Galaxy tablets. However, sales volume of such products is usually lesser when compared to those of iPads. It is quite unlikely that Samsung would manufacture enough screens to meet up the high iPad demand. Meeting such a demand is not only hard for this company, but also for other big companies for instance LG.

More details regarding the next-generation iPad still remains a great mystery to most of the people. Quite a significant number of people wish to adopt the wireless form of charging. Everyone wishes for a water resistant iPad and if Apple will bring such a dream to reality is something we will have to wait and see.

Apple’s spokesperson opined, “We are confident that the new change will help us will more hearts and that will translate to the generation of high revenues. The completion is the market is stiff but we are always positioning ourselves to survive and remain relevant at all times.”

Apple has revealed that the iPhone X will be popular than the latest models it has ever come up with. Its popularity has been attributed to the newest features and the remarkable performance by top analysts.

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