Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Releases New Build Of iOS 9.3, Music Widget For Android Users

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Releases New Build Of iOS 9.3, Music Widget For Android Users

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has released a fresh build of iOS 9.3 for iPad2, after complaints that loading the software update on the tablet and other iOS devices led to activation issues. After updating earlier models of iPhone and iPad to iOS 9.3, users would view the Activation Lock Screen needing them to input the Apple ID as well as password initially utilized to set up the devices. If incorrect credentials were entered, it would lead to the bricking of the affected devices.

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To handle the issue, Apple has temporarily held back iOS 9.3, i.e. halted pushing the software update to the iOS devices that were affected as it tries to release new updates that don’t need the activation step in the next few days.

One new build has arrived for the iPad 2, that seems to be the older iOS model that has faced the most problems by the issue. The build number is 13E236. The initial public version of iOS 9.3 had the build number 13E234 for iPhone whereas for the iPad the build number was 13E233.

iPad2 users can get the new firmware update by connecting their device to iTunes if it’s in a bricked condition. Alternatively, they can go to Settings and navigate to the software update menu and update in the normal manner.

Initially, it was believed that the issue was because Apple’s activation servers could not handle the load of a vast number of users updating to iOS 9.3 simultaneously. However, the organization acknowledged that the issue was a bug that it would get rid of.

Apple’s spokesperson said that updating certain iOS devices to iOS 9.3 may need inputting the Apple login credentials utilized to set up the device for completing the software update. In certain cases, the customers forget their password; their device will stay in an inactivated state till they can reset or recover their password.

Apple has also launched an update to the Apple Music for Android devices. Users can now add an Apple music widget to the home screen.They can pause, skip and view the most recently played track. Also album art is included in the widget.

The update lets users add a song to the playlist without adding it to the library. Also users can redeem iTunes gift cards to renew their subscriptions. Finally, users can go directly to the album the song is on by clicking the track in now playing and view indicators of what tracks are favorites on a specific album.