Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Cofounder Woz Scared Of Jackless iPhone

An Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) cofounder has expressed his worries over producing iPhones without a headphone jack. Steve “Woz” Wozniak was speaking at an innovation event in Australia when he appeared to back the voices that have been critical of Apple’s idea to seal off the audio hole in the iPhone.

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Scaring people

Though Apple might think that doing away with the headphone jack in the next iPhone would be an innovative move, Woz warns that the move could actually scare off many customers. Woz himself will be among those customers who would feel uncomfortable using an iPhone without the audio jack.

No love for Bluetooth

It turns out that Woz isn’t a fan of Bluetooth. He said that the music doesn’t sound natural to him when he listens through Bluetooth, which is why he prefers to use the 3.5mm earphone jack that Apple is said to be targeting for removal.

Woz further said that his headphones are custom made and they feel comfortable to the point that he can even sleep with them. His headphones come with ear implants.

Audio jack debate

Even before Woz shared his thoughts about the rumored removal of the headphone jack from the next iPhone, which is believed to be the iPhone 7, the issue had already been a hot debate.

Not only will doing away with the audio jack inconvenience many iPhone users, but could also add extra cost to iPhone buyers who might want to stick with their wired headphones. It will require an adapter for one to use a conventional headphone on an iPhone that has had its audio jack sealed off.

Waterproof iPhone

Apple itself has not confirmed that it will eliminate the earphone jack in iPhone 7. However, there have been numerous reports to that effect, with some citing that removing the audio hole will bring Apple closer to producing a truly waterproof and dustproof iPhone.

A number of Apple’s competitors are already selling waterproof smartphones, but Apple has lagged on that front and it is feeling the pressure to do something about it especially now that it is battling shrinking sales.

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