American Cannabis To Work With University Of Alabama To Advance Hemp Research

American Cannabis Company, Inc. (OTCMKTS:AMMJ) gained 3.93% in the last trading session to end the day at $0.46 after the company announced its first industrial hemp contract with The Wemp Company in Alabama under the American Hemp Services Division.

Consulting services on planning and deployment of operations

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The goal of The Wemp Company will be to have a positive community impact in the impoverished counties within the state of Alabama. It will operate a 20-acre farm by focusing on the processing of hemp biomass for high-quality CBD isolate production. Under the consulting contract, American Cannabis will strategically work with the client in planning and deployment of farm operations through business plan creation, financial modeling, farm layout design, and operational maintenance. It will also help in the designing, construction, and deployment of a centralized extraction facility for hemp processing.

Collaboration with the University of Alabama

Besides the services that American Cannabis will be offering The Wemp Company, they will also work with the Department of Biological Sciences of the University of Alabama. The objective is to further hemp research by developing testing protocols for industrial hemp to ensure quality standards of the cultivar are maintained. The Head of the Biological Sciences, Lukasz Ciesla, indicated that they were delighted to collaborate with The Wemp Company in advancing hemp as a new commodity in Alabama. The university lab will analyze processed samples and plants to ascertain their level of non-psychoactive compounds to help in the selection of quality cultivars thus enhancing the quality of final products such as the CBD isolate.

The CEO of American Cannabis Company, Ellis Smith, indicated that they were pleased to begin consultancy for industrial hemp in the booming market. He added that the company was honored to be part of the launch of the hemp program by The Wemp Company in Alabama which will serve the communities in the state positively as well as contribute to its agricultural economy. The company is looking forward towards the collaborative efforts with the University and the company as they continue advancing hemp research as well as other cannabinoids.

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