AMD Partners With 7 Companies To Develop Crypto Mining Rig

The leading manufacturer of graphics cards, AMD, recently entered into a partnership with seven companies for facilitating the creation of a crypto mining rig for miners of every class.

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In the background, the crypto market is facing tough times. After the historical spike in Bitcoin (BTC) prices in December last year digital currency prices experienced a nosedive in 2018. Naturally, the drop in cryptocurrency prices has had a negative impact on the various sectors of the crypto industry and more on the sector of crypto mining proper.’

Leading manufacturer of graphics cards’ crypto mining sales negligible

The drastic dip in cryptocurrency prices has directly affected the way miners make a profit by mining these coins. It holds especially true for the miners using GPUs. However, ASIC’s manufacturers are reportedly making considerable revenues which indicates that the mining hardware manufacturers are gaining more as compared to miners themselves.

It is one of the reasons why AMD decided to enter into the partnership with seven topmost blockchain-powered companies for producing the best rig for crypto mining that will work equally well for all classes of miners. Recently the company reported that its crypto mining related hardware sales have been almost negligible. This is what the graphics cards designer is planning to change.

AMD recently added a few products related to mining on its official website catalog along with a report that says that the listing is the result of AMD’s partnership with seven other companies. The reports say that with the help of these new partners the leading manufacturer of graphics cards could produce mining rigs oriented specifically for blockchain mining operations enabling hash rate optimization.

AMD lists eight mining products on official website

The leading manufacturer of graphics cards teamed up with ASROCK, MSI, Rajintek, Biostar, TUL, MSI, and ASUS to add eight new mining products on its website. Each one of these products offers solutions as per the purchasing power and expectations of the user. All these products are available for sale on AMD’s official website. The company has not mentioned the prices of these mining rigs on its website; however, the site provides full specification details for each miner.

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