, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Teams Up With LG Electronics To Work On Smart Homes, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has announced a collaboration with LG Electronics to work on smart home solutions.

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The idea behind the partnership is to develop technology that can be controlled using Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant. This means that some of the South Korean manufacturer’s products in the future will be Alexa-enabled. The partnership is part of Amazon’s plan to venture deeper into smart home solutions. Amazon wants to gain more foot-hold in the smart home market so that it will emerge a leader despite the competitive nature of the industry. Other industry giants such as Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) are also trying to come up with their own smart home solutions.

While the industry is riddled with heavy competition, Amazon has always been a step ahead due to its clever strategy of focusing on other device manufacturers. Prior to the new pursuit with LG, Amazon has been teaming up with other manufacturers of devices such as air conditioners. “We will work with a wide range of partners to deliver differentiated smart-home solutions to customers,” stated Jo Seung-jin, the head of the appliance business at LG.

A statement from LG revealed that Alexa will be integrated into LG’s SmartThinkQ Hub, a device from LG that is designed to allow connections to home appliances through the internet. The SmartThinkQ Hub does not support voice control and that is where Amazon’s Alexa comes in. the integration will allow the Dash feature from Amazon to be included inSmartThinQ Sensors. Such integration will make it possible for people to use audio commands to make quick orders for items such as drinks or detergents.

The joint project is expected to spearhead the next generation of smart appliances. The venture is an ideal opportunity for both firms due to the benefits they stand to gain. Amazon will get to expand Alexa’s footprint through the joint venture while LG will be at the top among the best electronics manufacturers if all goes as planned. The move also highlight’s Amazon’s plan to involve other manufacturers rather than getting into manufacturing on its own.

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