, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) To Open 100 Shops Across The US, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is planning to open 100 physical brick and mortar shops in shopping malls across the US.

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The launch of the physical shops will be different from the company’s previous engagement where it launched brick and mortar shops for the sale of books only. This time, the company is planning to set up the shops to facilitate the sale of its electronic gadgets as well. Amazon is still pursuing physical bookstores but they are completely different from the 100 physical shops to be set up in the shopping malls.

The company’s decision highlights the move to join numerous other companies that have set up small shops inside shopping malls. The decision could be a smart move from the company because it will allow shoppers to go in and sample the devices or gadgets and even test them out before they decide to purchase them, even if they don’t buy them at the shops themselves ultimately. The new stores will cover 300 to 500 square feet and they will host various gadgets including the Echo speakers, E-book readers, and the Kindle Fire tablets among others.

Amazon opened 16 such shops in August bringing the total to 21 stores and is planning to open more shops as time goes by. This means that there are numerous employment opportunities because the company is looking for people to work in these shops. The new employees will be required to show shoppers how the devices work and even help them make selections. Amazon has already listed job openings for the stores in Connecticut and Florida.

The move highlights Amazon’s plan to diversify its presence beyond its massive online business. It also points to the company’s goal of featuring more offerings in the tech sector especially with its plan to venture deeper into IoT and smart homes. Amazon’s Alexa has earned itself a place as one of the most widely recognized digital assistants.

Amazon closed Friday’s trading session at $760.14 per share, down $23.92 (-3.05%) with 4.26 million shares traded.

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