Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Tests Its High-Speed Broadband Service In Kansas City

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is preparing to test out its new high-speed broadband antennas in Kansas City.

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The antennas are part of the company’s new Google Fiber approach where it aims to bring its fiber internet service directly to homes through its latest technology. The tech firm plans to install powerful wireless antennas on utility poles and streetlight poles which will act as terminals for the fiber cables. The antennas will then deliver strong wireless signals throughout the city meaning it will be accessible to people’s mobile devices in the city. The signal is expected to be strong enough to reach homes.

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Google launched its superfast internet service in Kansas City four years ago, and the new initiative will be a good opportunity to test out the service. The firm has to receive approval from the city council before commencing with the plans. Once the authorization is given, the company will set up the antenna poles for testing. Some of the areas where the antennas will be situated include Waldo, the Country Club Plaza, and the downtown area.

Residents of the city stated that they are open to the idea of having WiFi available throughout the city. If the tests prove to be a success, it will be advantageous for the company because Google will make its strong internet service present in dense areas without having to install fiber cables. The company claims that installing fiber cables in some of these areas is next to impossible, and the cost implications are too high. The success of the antenna technology will thus provide a better solution for the firm.

Although there is a lot of excitement among the residents of the city, the company has announced that members of the public will not gain access until the company finishes the tests. The antennas will also be mounted temporarily during the test period because the company is expected to pay a fee to have them on the utility poles.

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