Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Self-Driving Car Startup Waymo Urges Judge To Delay Trial

    The stock of Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) closed at $1,063.29 losing 0.81% in yesterday’s trading session. The trade secrets trial between Uber technologies and Waymo were delayed by a federal judge. He held on to the fact that Uber had withheld crucial information in relation to the matter before him. He advised Uber to co-operate and gave it the timeframe so that he could move ahead and render his judgment.

    It goes without saying that compelling Waymo to go to trial in the multibillion-dollar lawsuit considering that new evidence had popped up would be unfair. The judge said that he was not going to be part of such an injustice.

    U.S. District Judge William Alsup’s decision was a shocker to Uber which thought that it had figured it all out. The decision has been made only after a day from the time Waymo urged the judge to delay the start of the blockbuster lawsuit against Uber. It outlined that it had put its hand on some useful information at the eleventh hour. This trial at the start had been scheduled to commence Dec. 4.

    Parties interested in the matter expected that Alsup would be hearing the last minute testimony today. The one to give the final testimony was expected to be a former security analyst at Uber but the new twist of things has left most of the people guessing regarding how the matter will play out in the long run.

    The task at hand for Alsup is to preside over the civil portion of the lawsuit, whereas the federal prosecutors have been entrusted with carrying out investigations relating to the case for evidence of criminal corporate theft. To this point, no single charge has been filed yet.

    It was last week when federal prosecutors sent out a letter to Alsup and it presented new information in the case.

    A Waymo lawyer opined, “Given Uber’s consistent failures to meet its discovery obligations in this case, and apparent misrepresentations to this court, Waymo has no choice but to seek a continuance of the trial date to enable Waymo to take additional discovery on this new information that is indisputably relevant to Waymo’s trade secret misappropriation claims.”

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